Our Impact

Annual Report 2016

Testimonials from Members & Parents

“I feel happy when I am here because the staff members always help me when I have a problem and they are really funny.” -Kahraman J., Age 9

“My daughter views her friends and the staff at Watertown Boys & Girls Club as her second family. A member of Torch Club and swim team, she has found a safe and fun place to explore various interests and develop new skills. Since joining the Club, she has become more vocal in expressing her ideas and more confident in her abilities. Best of all, she has found a community that values and nurtures her.” -Thea S., Parent of Club member

“The Club has allowed me to do things I have never done before.” -Sargis S., Age 12

“Watertown Boys & Girls Club provides kids with positive, encouraging, knowledgeable and valuable programs… It is the best place for kids to grow with positive thinking and learning!” -Usha S., Parent of Club member

“When I started swim team in second grade, I had no confidence at all. But now, I have confidence. The coaches helped me learn how to set goals. The swim team has given me motivation, discipline, determination, encouragement and made me believe in myself.” -Dylan J., Age 16

In 2016…

  • We had 922 Registered Club Members. 208 of which were Teen Members.
  • We had an average daily attendance of 90 members.
  • We served an additional 1,260 youth through community outreach programs.

Who do we serve?

  • 21% of members come from a single parent household.
  • 50% of our families have household incomes of less than $33,000 per year.
  • 41% of Club members are of a minority race or ethnicity.
  • 23% speak a language other than English at home.
  • 23% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.